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Halloween Writing Competitions

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As the nights start to draw in, Autumn is the perfect time to sit and write halloween tales, especially when there are so many opportunities for horror writing right now. Here are just a few of them.  Whether yours is a tale of killer clowns or a horror more subtle, good luck submitting.

The Master’s Review Micro Ghost Stories

What’s the beef?   Ghost stories of 250 words or less. Fiction or Non Fiction (for those of you who believe in things that go bump in the night)

What’s the prize? One prize of $50. All other stories published on The Master’s Review blog on 28th October.

What’ll it cost me? Nothing at all.

Closing date:   19th October 2016

Check it out: Here


The Writer Darkest Hours Competition

What’s the beef?   A short story using any definition, nuance or understanding of the word ‘dark.’ Max 2000 words.

What’s the prize? 1st prize: $1000 and publication in The Writer magazine. 2nd prize: $500 and publication on the website. 3rd prize: $250 and publication on the website.

What’ll it cost me? $25 per entry. (Discount available for multiple entries)

Closing date:   15th November 2016

Check it out: Here


Furious Gazelle Halloween Writing Competition

What’s the beef?  Halloween themed writing – fiction, non-fiction or poetry Max 7000 words.

What’s the prize? All winning submissions published on their website. Best piece wins $50 and a book of your choice.

What’ll it cost me? Nothing. And you can enter up to 5 submissions.

Closing date:   26th October 2016

Check it out: Here


Storgy Halloween Short Story Competition

What’s the beef?  Halloween horror stories up to 2000 words.

What’s the prize? 1st prize: £200, 2nd and 3rd prize: The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

What’ll it cost me? £5 per entry and you’ll have to follow them on twitter @morestorgy

Closing date:   26th October 2016

Check it out: Here


Writealong Week 6

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Thanks to those who are still going.  By now you should have a pretty decent premise and main character.

This week your character meets a stranger.

Writealong – Week 5

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Now you have the beginnings of a story, this week you’re on your own!  Build your plot and story involving the key and the place it leads to.

Writealong – Other People’s Stories.

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So, I’m really chuffed that there have been a few other people who think this is worth doing.  Here are some links to some of the stories being written…

Story From Gods and Monsters and Everything In Between.  Part two is also available.

Story from Jimbongo Writes.

And one from Permanent Days Unmoving

I find it really interesting to see how despite using the same prompts, everyone has a slightly different style of writing and tone to their stories.  I find it particularly interesting as my own first drafts are always sparse and I always have to add to them rather than cut things out.  It will be great to see how these stories develop.

Thanks for taking part.

A Write Kerfuffle – Writealong

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Want to write a story but stuck for ideas?

Every Saturday for six weeks I’ll be posting a writing prompt to get you writing.

I’ll be joining in and writing and my draft too here.

At the end of each prompt you choose via a poll where you want the story to go next.

If you follow the prompts, you should end up with an idea for a short story.