Writing Prompts

Writealong Week 6

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Thanks to those who are still going.  By now you should have a pretty decent premise and main character.

This week your character meets a stranger.


Writealong – Week 5

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Now you have the beginnings of a story, this week you’re on your own!  Build your plot and story involving the key and the place it leads to.

Writealong – Week 3 Character

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This week, you won’t actually be adding anything to your story.  Instead, you’ll be completing a task that will help you to be a better writer.

Now, I cannot take credit for the following task.  I once attended a creative writing weekend with M.J. Hyland and Trevor Byrne and this was one of the tasks we were given to do in order to write about your character more convincingly.

I’ve completed 14 of these for every single character of my novel (even minor ones) and it does make a difference.

 Answer the questions in your character’s voice. (As if you were your character)

Section A Likes and Dislikes

1) List three things you enjoy doing

2) One thing that you love but would never tell anyone.

3) One thing you really, really hate…

4) List three things you are carrying in your pocket/handbag.

Section B About You

1) Where do you live?

2) Do you have a job?  If so, what do you do?  How do you feel about it?

3) Do you have any significant relationships? (married, single, mummy’s boy, brother, sister, parent, carer, dog owner, a pet tiger?)

4) Religious Beliefs (staunch Christian, devout follower of Dawkins, sun-worshipper…)

5) Politics  (Are you old enough to vote? Are you interested in what’s happening in the world around you? Or do you have too many of your own problems to deal with to care about anyone else?)

Section C Do you…

1)…believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? If you don’t believe, why not? What about UFO’s or the Loch Ness Monster or other supernatural forces?

2)…have any unusual talents?

3)…dream? If so, what about?

4)…have a favourite television programme? What is it?

5)…ever feel alone?

Section D And finally…

1) Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you have hopes or dreams?

2) What’s your worst fear

3) Tell me about a turning point in your life. What/who definitively changed the course of your life? Was this for better or worse?


Writealong – Writing Prompt Week 2

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Sorry, I posted this a bit late.  It’s been a crazy week.

On Wednesday, I asked what people wanted inside the box (yeah, I know I’ve yet to learn how to pick the correct size for the page but bear with me I am a noob at this blogging malarkey).

Anyway, the option most voted for was…a key.

Therefore, this week’s prompt is as follows:

After trying over and over again to prise open the lid on the box, eventually the lid pops open sending the contents spilling across the floor.  One of those items is a key.  You hold it up, inspect it, and eventually dismiss it as you are certain that you do not recognise it.  However, for some reason you can’t quite place, you are certain it is important.

This week you are going to write the conversation that your character has, when they are showing the key to someone else.

Writealong – Writing Prompt Week 1

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My Writealong project begins today. Every Saturday I’ll post a prompt to get you writing.  When you tie them all together, you should get an entire short story (fingers crossed).

I’ll be writing too and posting my raw drafts on my writealong page. (I know, scary huh?)  Once finished, I can show you the editing process too as hopefully raw draft becomes something a bit more polished.

Every Thursday, I’ll post a poll for you to decide what will happen next.

So here it is…prompt 1

You and your other significant character (partner/mother/brother/pet -you decide) are spring cleaning the house.  In the cupboard under the stairs, where the vacuum cleaner lives, you find a small ornate box that neither of you recognises.  It is shut tight and neither of you can open it.  

Describe the box you hold in your hands. 

A Write Kerfuffle – Writealong

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Want to write a story but stuck for ideas?

Every Saturday for six weeks I’ll be posting a writing prompt to get you writing.

I’ll be joining in and writing and my draft too here.

At the end of each prompt you choose via a poll where you want the story to go next.

If you follow the prompts, you should end up with an idea for a short story.