Sant Jordi – AKA Books and Roses Day!

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I’ve just returned from an Easter break with the other half to Barcelona. Whilst we were there, we took a day trip to Montserrat (we were told that this translates as ‘serrated mountain’, which you can really see in the photo below).


The place itself was just breathtaking, with churches and tiny hermitages built into the rocks as you scale up to the top. I managed to find a little nook to sit in and write in the sun whilst my husband walked to the top and back down.


While we were there we also found out about a really cool tradition that occurs on the 23rd April in the Catalan region. It is called Sant Jordi and it commemorates the feast of St George when, according to legend, he defeated a dragon.

However, in Barcelona and the areas that surround it, the day is celebrated by giving a red rose and a book to the person you love!

What a great tradition to have.

Me and the other half have decided to celebrate St George’s Day in the same way this year. I wonder which book he’ll choose…

BTW if you want to join in on twitter on the 23rd April, apparently the official hashtag for that day is #booksandroses




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