September Submissions – This month’s Writing Competitions

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September starts the busy season for writing submissions. There are plenty of competitions running from now till December.  Here are a handful of novel and short story competitions all with September deadlines.

If you know of any other writing submissions happening this month please comment below.

Good luck if you are entering any of them!

Mslexia’s Novel Competition

What’s the beef?  A novel competition for previously unpublished female writers. Accepting novels of at least 50,000 words written for adults (and young adults) in any genre. Initial submission is the first 5000 words.

What’s the prize? £5000 for the winning novel. The winner and four other finalists will also receive manuscript feedback from The Literary Consultancy and and an invitation to a special networking event with literary agents.

What’ll it cost me? £25 per entry.

Closing date:  Monday 21st September 2015.

Check it out: Mslexia novel competition

The Manchester Fiction Prize

What’s the beef?  Stories up to 2,500 words. Writers must be over 16 years of age.

What’s the prize? £10,000

What’ll it cost me? £17.50 per entry.

Closing date:  Friday 25th September 2015.

Check it out: Manchester Fiction Prize

Literature Works’ First Page Writing Prize

What’s the beef? A novel competition for previously unpublished writers (no children’s or YA fiction) Send your opening page of your unpublished novel (up to 350 words) and a 150 word synopsis.

What’s the prize? The winner gets £1500 and a report from a literary agent. Second and third prizes of £400 and £200.

What’ll it cost me? £6 for the first entry and £3 for all subsequent entries. (However, these are made via cheque (who uses these anymore???) or bank transfer)

Closing date:  30th September

Check it out: First Page Competition

The Cro Magnan Short Story Prize

What’s the beef? Previously unpublished stories up to 3000 words on the theme of ‘Primitive Humanity.’

What’s the prize? £100 and publication on the Cro Magnan website.

What’ll it cost me? £5 per entry

Closing date: Friday 30th September

Check it out:The Cro Magnon Competition


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