Writealong – Writing Prompt Week 2

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Sorry, I posted this a bit late.  It’s been a crazy week.

On Wednesday, I asked what people wanted inside the box (yeah, I know I’ve yet to learn how to pick the correct size for the page but bear with me I am a noob at this blogging malarkey).

Anyway, the option most voted for was…a key.

Therefore, this week’s prompt is as follows:

After trying over and over again to prise open the lid on the box, eventually the lid pops open sending the contents spilling across the floor.  One of those items is a key.  You hold it up, inspect it, and eventually dismiss it as you are certain that you do not recognise it.  However, for some reason you can’t quite place, you are certain it is important.

This week you are going to write the conversation that your character has, when they are showing the key to someone else.


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