Writealong – Writing Prompt Week 1

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My Writealong project begins today. Every Saturday I’ll post a prompt to get you writing.  When you tie them all together, you should get an entire short story (fingers crossed).

I’ll be writing too and posting my raw drafts on my writealong page. (I know, scary huh?)  Once finished, I can show you the editing process too as hopefully raw draft becomes something a bit more polished.

Every Thursday, I’ll post a poll for you to decide what will happen next.

So here it is…prompt 1

You and your other significant character (partner/mother/brother/pet -you decide) are spring cleaning the house.  In the cupboard under the stairs, where the vacuum cleaner lives, you find a small ornate box that neither of you recognises.  It is shut tight and neither of you can open it.  

Describe the box you hold in your hands. 


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    Writealong Week 1 | Permanent Days Unmoving said:
    May 2, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    […] over on my friend’s blog there is a novel activity called the Writealong. Every Saturday she’ll post up a writing prompt and you use that to write a small section of […]

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